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the crisis further. in ukraine's capital kiev where the still morning that day. counting cash is which led to the eventual a good thriller that presidents and candidates. that goes it be responding to russian president pete is refusal to recognize the new government will keep our country was ready to join a union if it takes is to present a better phrase that asic's done and pretend. i think that what ukrainians labor to do with the great feats. we were able to skate back deck and it is very angry now because his plan has failed to meet you too would work well with the whole ounces today in opposition to two teams regime do it because he does in fact many of you. ukraine is an independent states. in crime am an honest ukraine the antique thirty straight hours on tough current era treat we agree this is called regression to the door to the white underneath ukraine's religiously dis wearing kiev to remember this protest is counted in the recent demonstrations del but not felt great to see st in crimea with its another day surrounded by the russian backed forces confrontation to appease a col
the right to use force to protect ethnic russians who live in eastern ukraine. in kiev today, the ukrainian captain, secretary of state john kerry honored protesters killed last month. those protesters drove ukraine's pro-moscow president viktor yanukovych from power, and that is what triggered putin's invasion. also today, the russians test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile in southern russia. elizabeth palmer reports from crimea that russian forces there fired warning shots at unarmed ukrainian soldiers. >> reporter: it was part military maneuver, part exercise in national pride. , cranian soldiers set out to demand the occupying forces give them back their weapons. instead the russians ordered them to halt. and then fired what may be the first shots since this invasion began. but it didn't last long, and the ukrainians eventually returned to base empty-handed. to hear vladimir putin tell it, though, there is no attention at all between the two armies. "they're brothers in arms, friends" he said. "i'm convinced that russia and ukrainian forces will stand together." maybe he hasn
. >>> it is 10:00 here in the evening. a fog shroud in kiev, ukraine. more on the crisis here and how it is affecting the markets around the world and the united states and our 401(k)s. after putin ordered forces back to their bases and military would be a last resort, investors around the world seem to show relief by driving up the global markets. take a look at the dow right outer loop. it jumped twiple digits in the morning hours after dropping more than 150 points yesterday. the s&p 500 even hit a new intraday high. a record. the fox business network's joe kent is live with the markets. >> hi. the markets are firmly in the green. today is called a risk-on day where investors feel good about trading and making profit on better news. this comes a day after the bears ruled the market on news of a potential cold war escalation in ukraine. on monday the dow fell 154 points. s&p 500 lost .7%. the biggest one-day decline in a month. you mentioned the s&p 500 climbing today tow all-time highs today. s to track to view its best since december. it listed smaller stocks as well. new record h
first of all. tensions rising in the ukraine. kiev is telling moscow to back off. ryan chilcote is following the latest developments from inside ukraine's parliament. talk to me about the latest developments. tensions riseing with moscow. >> oddly enough, the most recent and troubling development has to do not with this parliament but the local parliament in crew yain's crimia. a group of about 60 armed men seized the building at about 5:00 a.m. local time. acting president just took that job on friday when the ousted president fled. what these men want that seized this building, they were in camouflage armed with weapons. it is not clear. they took down the ukrainian flag and put up a russian flag instead. are the russians involved? they are not saying that they are. meanwhile we have a mill exercise underway on the western border. russia's western border, which of course is shared with ukraine and the defense minister just a few minutes ago said there are russian fighter jets involved in that. is that a show of muscle or a preplanned exercise? all of this has the united states
yanukovych. tim friend, al jazeera, kiev. >> the unfolding events in ukraine and russia are been playing out on tv screens across the globe. but according to many media analysts some of the reports in russia are anti-ukraine propaganda. >> reporter: the world according to the kremlin played out each night on news broadcasts with a familiar loop on the sound track. the leadership of ukraine's interim government is made up of you will from a national fascists, near nazis and radicals from the west near bent on corruption. >> what the public sees is the picture in which fascist gangs seized tower in kiev. they are dangerous. they are jeopardized the livelihood of hours, russian speakers, compatriots, you however it is put, and russia is coming to save these people. >> reporter: in my opinion the blood spilt in kiev are on the hands of western politician who is are coming to meet with the ukrainian opposition and gave guarantees to them and the whole world that the protest was going to be peaceful. as a result corpses and tied up government. >> reporter: the information offense has b
a listen. >> interpreter: the definition of what has happened in kiev and the ukraine as a whole, it is an unconstitutional coup and a military seizure of power. nobody is arguing with that. who is arguing with that? >> mike vicarra at the white house, this boys down to what your definition of a coup is. >> president obama and secretary of state kerry, though they're thousands of miles apart, they have the same goal in mind. and secretary kerry, in kiev, and he comes with a $1 billion aid package, and president obama asking the congress to take that up immediately. but he's also figuratively planting the flag in kiev, solidarity with the government of kiev, and to deescalate the crisis, you heard secretary kerry, and president obama as well, to contain vladimir putin's ambitions right now and turn them back, but at this point to lower the temperature here and make sure that vladimir putin does not have designs on the other portions of ukraine and the southern and eastern portions with a heavy concentration of russian speakers and ethnic russians as well. so president obama there
. mcclove lynn and ian lee live in ukraine's capital city, kiev. this hour the white house trying to add to pressure on russia. president obama reaching out to allies by phone one day after he spent 90 minutes on the phone with the russian president vladimir putin. u.s. correspondent michelle kosinski joins us now. michigan, the white house, what is the mood? what are they saying? >> it has been a busy weekend. president obama has been actively working on this today. he's been briefed by his security team. as you mentioned, later on he'll take calls with allies. the uk, poland and lithuania. earlier today, secretary of state john kerry making the rounds doing interviews and using very strong words. yesterday he called russia's actions an invasion, occupation. today an incredible brazen act of aggression. he said these are not the actions of a g-8 nation. if it persists, other nations won't participate in the g-8 meeting in russia. some lawmakers have been calling for a stronger response because already we've seen the u.s., canada and now the uk pull out of the preliminary meetings
from kiev in ukraine. a day of an extraordinary developments here on the ground on the diplomatic front with senator john kerry visiting this very spot, this very ground to pay respects to those that died here and crimea where we have correspondents and we'll get to all of that in the hour ahead. but i first want to set the keen here in the square. give you a sense of where we are. right now, we are on the edge of the independence square, one of the several roads that actually leads to the square. this is the first checkpoint, the first block aid that's still in effect. as we mentioned last night, protesters are still camping out here. you can see about a half dozen of them right here huddled before a fire trying to stay warm against the cold night air. it is about 3:00 a.m. here on wednesday morning. they are here because they refuse to leave until they say they see changes in the new interim government here in ukraine. the old president fled. you know that. he's now in russia. there's a new government here in power but until the protesters see the changes that they bled for and died f
regional airport in ukraine. the kiev writ is no longer running here and this is shortly it. rumors coming and going and so did the soldiers. maybe someone here they are trying to protect or keeping out. the airport security men coming out and not letting the soldiers inside and but they were coming and going throughout the vip area as if they owned the place. prorussian civilians here offering them cigarettes, also to furnish the media and trying to prevent the cameras from filming a shift change. no structure to them. if you ask them a question you may or may not get an answer. this maybe the new normal and this area almost all under the russian control. al jazeera in ukraine. >> we are also at the parliament, and we are hearing a line about flight from kiev to simferopol being turned away. >> the flights tonight were suspended and the air space was shutdown until tomorrow 18:30 local, that is 16:30 gmt. we don't have an official reason for that and we are assuming it is because of the tensions. there are appears that the armed men cause add lot of concern in kiev and certainly have stra
and pull there? >> i have a lot of friends in ukrain and kiev and people are really divided. because i can't say all of the nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russia and lots of people who are against russia, and the country is really divide. really there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukrain are really worried about endangering the stuff ukrain have now, also the revolution, because the revolution is in near past and now the groups -- the power groups, fighting groups in ukrain are starting to kind of divide the pie, and just aim to acquire some part of the powers. some people from [ inaudible ] some official opposition politics, like klitschko and others, and for example [ inaudible ] nation from the extremist group radical extremist group called riot factor, who are not controlled -- >> tim, you mentioned the political parties, and our a couplety is really concerned about the people of kiev. >> some people are really afraid of some
in from of crying is kept so it seemed broken. i really liked and that the saudi ukraine's capital kiev. it was so calm and cranny has now become the major focus of the cranes ongoing crisis. what's really the situation that howl on people than reacting. well here on the ground and simply awful the regional capital all strike me a better note longer than this the soldiers identified by but ukraine's government on the us as russian soldiers outside apartment building however the hall still widespread reports of russian soldiers throughout the crimea region communication senses the tv station but various places and at polls throughout the region of these reports as well they have the disarming ukrainian forces as well. except watch them. president obama the cold frozen fruit in. he accused im all for a while to get snacks awarded how big those trips that we will set of reports of russian warships. now i can reach an agreement with this apostle paul. a naval base in around the wall says of crimea ukraine ukrainian governments are warning people to beware of publications russian forces with
of the ukraine, kiev, those who demonstrated to get the president out last week, tilting toward the eu. >> turning to the afghanistan, your son is serving a fifth tour in afghanistan, general dempsey there, making some, i thought, exceptional remarks today, talking about the importance of u.s. forces in afghanistan, the strategic importance, even as his commander in chief, you know, halfway around the world, is saying get ready for the zero tion, this is peculiar language for general dempsey, is it not? it is, lou. i feel for all of those mennd womeover there who are still engaged in the fight and they're living in this edge of uncertainty. particularly what general desey said about the possibility of afghan forces siding with taliban and turning on our people. these are difficult things for them to be hearing. lot of talk in washington about when the new president gets in afghanistan, we'll be able to keep our people there, a security arrangement, i'm not sure what this white house wants. this president wants t get all of our people out of afghanistan. i think we're going to pay the p
in ukraine and kiev and [ inaudible ] especially, so people are really divided because [ inaudible ] all of the nation -- all of the ukraine nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russian, there are lots of people who are against russia, and the country is kind of divide. really, there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukraine are really worried about endangering the stuff ukraine have now, because of revolution is in their near past, and now groups -- there are powerful groups, fighting groups in ukraine are starting to kind of divide the pie, just aim to acquire some part of the powers. likely some people from [ inaudible ] some official mritices, like klitschko and others, and the [ inaudible ] nation is from extremist group called riot factor who are not controlled by -- >> tim, you mentioned the political party and our community is really concerned about ukrainians, those protesters, what about them, tony tweets in . . . >> some people
invite your comments on facebook and twitter. john kerry has arrived in kiev, ukraine. he brought a guarantee of loan to the ukraine. they hope to help prepare for elections and recover assets. according to the post, he is pledging economic and technical help area and -- technical help. met tosecurity council discuss the ongoing intervention in ukraine. every councilmember except russia supported mediation in that nation. samantha power listed what russia should do to resolve the situation peacefully. this is just under two hours. we will leave the program at about 11:30 eastern. >> from the permanent representative of ukraine to the security council, 2014/136. it is adopted. in accordance with number 37 of the council's rules, i invite the representative of ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 2039 of the provisional rules of procedures, i invite the assistant secretary general for political affairs to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. i now giv
in their lot with ukraine rather than russia. >> they have. you saw in the protests that happened in kiev during the past three months, several groups of crimean tar tares traveled to kiev. it's partly because as cry crimean tartars look at russia as the people who persecuted them. they are afraid of returning to russian sovereignty. >> they call themselves ukrainians today, people who lived as part of nations that are polish, lithuanian, russian, variouse ethnicities for a realy long time. >> it's a very historical question. the whole concept of nation came to europe, from the part of eastern europe maybe even in the 20th century. so, now, for ukrainians, it's for sure that, for instance, what you are speaking of, coming to russia from crimea, but came to ukraine and to mthe center o kiev, the capital city of ukraine. it's really probably quite plic indicating for our understanding from the outsider. i would say what we see now in crimea, i was born in the area. i first got information of what was going on there. i would say that it's very -- it's very dangerous situation that we have no
it signed with that country. the secretary of state kerry is headed to kiev to offer aid to ukraine to make it more independent of russia, and he warned moscow that continued intervention in ukraine will cost the -- the costs will be high. >> if in fact they continue on the current trajectory they're on, that we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. and we will have a negative impact on russia's economy and its status in the world. >> protest spoke on the phone with russian president vladimir putin for 90 minute officers the weekend, and spoke with leaders of germany, poland and united kingdom. seven other countries in the g8 have suspended plans for a summit in sochi in june. the value of the ruble has fallen. >> many of the president's critics are blaming this on him. >> they are. arizona senator john mccain calls the president's foreign policy feckless. he says he may believe the cold war is over but vladimir putin does not. even the "washington post" editor you're board declared the foreign policy is based on fantasy, that's a quote. and
that sparked everything in the ukraine was the belief that kiev was looking towards the european union and people who are ethnic ukrainians were excited about that prospect. unfortunately yanukovych came in at the time and said no, we'll look east to moscow. that is what sparked the protest and ultimately his demise. kate t is right i things are perhaps primed to come into crimea and greeted by separatists, ethnic russians who always believed they are russia. as i said earlier there is banner hanging over the crime mean parliament building now, says crimea is russia. what does russia get out of this? they have the black sea naval fleet there. been there over 200 years, critical to the russian military but you know there was a comparison made earlier to the russians going into georgia to protect ethnic russians there. i think this is totally different story. this is much bigger country. much more divided country. i think if russia had any ideas of going in on a full-scale level i think it would just disintegrate into a very bitter civil war, probably not what they want. gerri: kt, to yo
with anderson cooper live in kiev. >>> good evening, i'm anderson cooper reporting live from kiev in ukraine. a country on the brink. as the new prime minister has said. russian forces in the crimea, the fear that they may move further into eastern ukraine. i'm reporting from independence square, where a week and a half ago, people were fighting and dying for change here in ukraine. they got the change. the former president fled, no one could have predicted what happened next. russian forces on the ground in crimea. it's a little before dawn on tuesday morning, the start of a day no one can predict, what will happen over the next 12 hours. people are hoping and praying it does not end in bloodshed. there has been far too much bloodshed already. in this area here, people died a little more than a week and a half ago, right now it's considered holy ground a place of martyrs, flowers, makeshift memorials all around the barricades, the sandbags are all still up, all still a sign of what happened here a short time ago. the protesters remain, because they want to make sure that the changes that th
in ukraine. the stocks go straight up. good morning, everyone. kerry heads to kiev. triple digits on the dow. the s&p 500. a new record there. amazing what a nice cash flow can do for you. the architect behind obamacare. he sings the praises. all thanks to his law. that ought to wake you up. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ the local there appears to be no imminent threat of a shooting war in ukraine. that is why the market is going straight up. look at that. all in green. now take a look at the s&p 500. that is record territory. the new intraday high was 1869. now we have hit 1874 the -- i say this market just wants to go up. the lack of a shooting war in ukraine is a good excuse. >> the industrial names are leading this. the risk on trade is coming back. stuart: it is not our beloved technology stocks? technology stocks? sandra: has been in big momentum player but it is not the leader in this rally today, but i know i will tee up charles when i say this, the fed has not gone out of our business yet so how do you know if this rally can sustain itself? charles: i don't care. you tal
jazeera, ukraine. >>> again, this is the image live in kiev right now. we are awaiting word from u.s. secretary of state john kerry. he is expected to announce $1 billion in u.s. aid for the new government of ukraine. including technical assistance and economic advice. for the latest events coming out of ukraine and the rest of today's headlines you are follow us on twitter. >>> benjamin netenyahu giving the keynote address at a gathering this morning of aipac. benjamin netenyahu saying he will do whatever it takes to defend israel. >> did you ever hear about iran sending a humanitarian delegation overseas? no? you missed that memo? [ laughter ] >> you know why? you know why you haven't heard anything about that? because the only thing that iran sends abroad are rockets, terrorists and missiles to murder, maim and menace the innocent. [ applause ] >> on monday netenyahu met with president obama pushing back against white house pressure to cut a deal with the palestinians. president obama warning the time for peace is running out. and later today the president submits his $4 trillio
no need to be undermined by the interim government in kiev. it remains least one place in ukraine when it's too distracting. ukraine's suffering and thomas region of crying me and recognized night the kids new monsters in all the noise. andy reid needs to do some good entries in fact the reinforcement instead. they had wanted to bring to bear pit am trying this unfair open as a conceit the building is surrounded by barricades and controlled ron paul so called people's yards and the day and night they say they're worried about the tax base is the outside on the other qb praying today. he's whose mission is unconvinced that he was to secure peace and respect each of the country's population on today in need of protection themselves people he has different backgrounds and from different and concludes that the share one common goal this is certainly where protection burke from the army of thugs who came to power as a result of the current crew. they're controlling the puppet government that issue decrees that gum points including his arm an instrument burgers with protecting their families. b
ukraine's economy. phil ittner is live in kiev with more on that. phil? >> reporter: john ever since this crisis began, it has seemed as though russia and vladimir putin is very much in the driver's seat. and now it does seem there is a real effort to try to form late a corporated response. here in the capitol at anxious and fledgling government is urging the russians to leave but trying to shore up the nation's damaged economy. >> translator: the economy has become a hostage of the security situation that we now have in ukraine. you know our russian neighbors have made an aggressive pass towards ukraine. >> reporter: and a skittish market has already dealt a blow to its economy. western leaders are looking at economic leverage as perhaps the best response to russia's action, economic isolation analysts are calling it. still the russians have the boots on the grown, and seem to be calling the shots. president vladimir putin inspected russian troops here the border. the russians say the war games were planned months ago, but it sends a strong message. ukraine beefed up security away f
of the oligarchs from protest is it seems the whole of ladies vying for power in kiev comes straight out to ukraine's financial elites control of an aunty kiev. will have on the situation in ukraine or something. sob. i am. if any of these academic. when and how long i forgot that we all sang night at the traffic light thingy the house. guru what kennedy. your teens today are more research i did the eye. the mii different arrangements together with the weapons have become the latest ukrainian forced to sway the beaches to premium business card on high alert with thousands of civilians flocking to help especially ministry secure the borders with russia reports on what it is the crimean sunset afraid. my knee and he's on the defensive. many decent honest republicans southern ukraine. appealing to many stately and make corrections here's what's happened yet its quiet way of life. if you want peace prepare for war. the crying meander on to roads connecting the peninsula to the mainland here and here this is one of them. says rising political sake of the content into a small undesirable forces from the
-government protesting in kiev. >> this woman says she hopes ukraine will become the kind of country that these young men dreamed of. she says her generation built a country ruled by communists and olgogs. that didn't help anyone. this man says their deaths should never be forgotten. ukraine has to solve its economic crisis and see to it that the ruling class is completely replaced. but the country has a long and difficult road ahead. that was clear when i visited these barracks for interior troops. as the power struggle between the pro europe opposition and government supporters escalated, it was attacked by protesters. the acting commander says they didn't open fire. even when the mob demand that had they hand over their weapons. they wanted to take over the armory. luckily, reason won out in the end. a passer by interrupts. are you lying to the cameras she shouts? the soldiers should head to kiev and put down the revolt. it shows how difficult any process of reconciliation will be in ukraine. later that evening, i meet again with andre. he invited me to his home before heading off to kiev. while his w
. welcome to the continuing coverage of ukraine. secretary of state john kerry today in kiev scolded the russian government accusing president putin of making up reasons to invade ukraine and kerry issued a warning for russia to essentially reel itself in or suffer the consequences. >> if russia does not choose to deescalation, if it's not willing to work with the government of ukraine when we hope it will be, then our partner also have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> cnn's anderson cooper is live from kiev, ukraine, for more. what has the reaction been there to secretary kerry's remarks? >> certainly a lot of people i talked to today very much appreciate the fact that secretary kerry flew here, came here. in fact, the first place he came was right here to independent square. he parked here and walked back down. this is really, in many ways kind of sacred ground for people here in kiev and in many parts of western ukraine and even the eastern
. these are the main stories. the fights over ukraine's future. the call for breakaway from kiev. >> crying foul in turkey turns up the pressure on government. >> and i have the rest of the news from europe. including sentenced to life. two men who hacked a british soldier to death on a london street. and france's top court he verses an extradition decision that would have sent three rwanda genocide suspects back. >> and more than skin deep. the remarkable invention that could change the way burn victims are treated. welcome to the program let's begin with the crisis in ukraine where there has been renewed pressure to track down ousted president viktor yanukovych. as tensions grow between pro russia and pro-e.u. supporters. they placed yanukovych on a wanted list. russian president vladimir putin has ordered military drills in the west and central regions of the country, and it's where pro-russian and ukrainian lawyers came to blows. >> they came out emphatically in support of the new leadership in kiev. they shouted it is not russia and bandits get out. they say they belong in a pro european un
that sticks out of ukraine what's happening here in the north in kiev. there isn't really an indication here are a fear among many people that tomorrow russian tanks are going to roll into the capital but there is a sort of awareness of what is happening a concern because many people are seeing it on their images on tv here and signals are forcing many people consider it a threat to ukrainian sovereignty ukrainian national territorial integrity. at least one person at those protests who is a russian born hold russian passports it is ukrainian and voted for the connecticut which is a party of regions which has strong support in the east and southern ukraine said he too but doesn't want to see a divide in ukraine so pretty us all with a message here against the russians votes of potential russian movements here in kiev. a row you win and that's us at the trio's think john kerry is due to rising kiev on tuesday i was done he said. agenda that included plans to meet with and it was a statement issued by the state department are quite early this morning late on sunday night in washington indicati
, al jazerra, kiev. >> ukraine's acting president is now urging vladimir putin to pull back his military, but the question now is will russia listen? rory is in moscow with more. it is a waiting game. vladimir putin has shown his hand. he has the mandate from the upper house of parliament to use military force if he so desires in ukraine. the big question is, will he use that mandate or does he feel that the threat of military force is enough for russia to reassert its influence in ukraine? overnight, the phone lines were absolutely humming here with high-level conversations. vladimir putin spoke to program, hbarackobama, he spoke to man kn the secretary general of the united nations and spoke to the french president n all of those conversations he made exactly the same point that russia was prepared to protect it's a citizens, its fellow russians in crimea and also protect the black sea fleet if violence escalates there. >> that was al jazerra's rory reporting from moscow. meanwhile there was conflict in st. petersburg where demonstrators crashed over putin's request to use for
but said it was not events.d to in kiev there is still mourn in. ukraine's new leaders warned the country is on the disaster. they mourn the dead but they must think of the future of the country. discuss what go i had is going on in ukraine and u.s. he options are with senator christopher murphy who december to iev in address the protesters. ordering the exercises how concerned are you bout strong-arm tactics from moscow? >> i think we are very concerned. secret from de no the beginning they will likely do everything they can to ukrainian citizens from exercising their will which is to join an affiliation with european union. they made no bones about the act both privately and frankly to some of us in senate publicly signs the european agreement at the end of last year they would have come down legal sanctions including possibly cutting off goes upplies so it is not is surprising the russians are engaging in a show of force but mistake to a grave go farther than this. my hope is in the coming days coalition e a government in kiev to have the support not just of that section of the governm
john kerry will meet with keukrainian officials in kiev. the process has moved troops into ukraine and other west is outrage. russia has rented three military bases in ukraine and fear of an armed conflict is felt across the unitede world. seneca indians feel that this is a declaration of war and urged russia to pull back. john kerry states that this is an aggressiv ukrainian officials state that they need not only economic health the military helpe. . and great britain are suspending meetings at the moment. with the 100 people gathered in front of russian complex and called for prudent to back down . many are asking the u.s. to help ukraine. it was hollywood's big nine will recap some the winners of tonight's awards. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? to afford warrants or a beautiful gown liza minnelli put on blue sa
government in ukraine. >> translator: including kiev. >> reporter: putin wasn't kind to the u.s. either. >> translator: i have a feeling in america, some people sit in some lab doing experiments like on rats without knowing the consequences. why do they need to do this? nobody has an explanation. >> reporter: so are putin's claims method or madness? angela merckel is one of the few world leaders putin has spoken with recently. according to "the new york times" she described him to obama as being in another world, a sentiment shared by some russian observers saying the president surrounded him with yes men in the kremlin and others say putin is very much in command of his senses and in fact has a plan for a world order he sees as a real threat to russia interests. >> whether it's libya or syria or iran or ukraine, he sees western actions as uniquely attempting to undermine russian power. >> reporter: putin may already have achieved his goal in ukraine. establishing and emphasizing russia's control over its bases and navy port in crimea. the doinger is that the volatile mix of propaganda,
the possibility of more turmoil in ukraine society will increase. >> reporter: live in kiev and tim thanks for bringing us the latest and we go to moscow. and listening to william hague and then they talked about the crisis in ukraine and actually the comments were quite similar. >> well, if you want a clear indication of how the russian government perceives the world, how the russian government perceives its foreign policy world view you really only have to listen to what lavorov was saying, he said human rights should not be used for a pretext for changing a legitimate government. he says when you use human rights to change a legitimate government then you make things far worse because the chaos that is unleashed has a further impact, a further hit on human rights in the country. he says the supplies to ukraine and syria and many other countries. and then he turned his attention to address what was going on in ukraine and talked about the roots of the conflict of being fanned by the west and west essentially is supported gunmen, armed men in kiev. he said that now we have a government in
of this crisis, ukraine, kiev specifically. over the last several days, senior administration officials, the president, have been involved in communicating and trying to get everybody onboard and united. g7 nato leaders, european allies. as a senior administration official described to us right now, as the u.s. considers this sort of economic assault on russia right now, in the words of this administration official, the russians are thinking distinctly 19th and 20th century terms in terms of their military intervention in ukraine right now, and he said this administration official said, it's important that russia views this as a 21st century world when it comes to the economy, that all nations are dependent. you talked about the cancellation of the plans ahead of this year's g8 to take place in june in sochi, really all bilateral events, as we understand it right now, basely had the brakes put on them, have been cancelled. naval corporation efforts have been cancelled. there was a u.s. trade representatives office intending to go to moscow, those have been cancelled, as well. >> one fun
elsewhere in ukraine. >> tim, for the most many thanks, testimony friend live in kiev. >>> china's news agency says separatist carried out a coordinated knife attack at a train station in the southwest of the country. it is a mainly muslim area in china's far west home to the ethnic group that wants independence from beijing, 33 people killed, more than within hundred injured when up to 10 mena taxed commuters at random. al jazerra's rob mcbride has more. >> reporter: as police continue looking for anyone else connected with at tack, people in china have been coming to terms with the scale and horror of the assault. according to eyewitnesses the dang started attacking passengers at random with knives, sending crowds fleeing in panic. >> translator: when i came here i felt that something was wrong i followed everyone and ran to that side. the attackers were stabbing whomever they saw. >> reporter: thousands of internet users have been expressing their outrage on social media and up loading images of security around the station in the aftermath of the attack. the authorities have promised
and they are standing their ground. in kiev, ukraine temporary parliament asked the council to call a session and is summoning security chiefs over the crisis. as for the president, viktor yanukovych he says he is still president and in charge but speculation is increasing about his whereabouts and has been for days and looks like he is in the southern russian city near the border of ukraine and he says he will hold a news conference there in the next few hours. and our correspondence are covering all angles of the story and we are in crimea's capitol and in kiev where they are scrambling to try to contain the crisis and in russia where yanukovych is due to speak and first let's cross to the civilian airport and there are two and we are on the lien and who is in control of that airport, lawrence? >> yes, it's 12:00 noon here and for all intents and purposes in the terminal building you would think it is a completely normal day and going to istanbul and outside it's not normal because throughout the morning we have seen these large groups of green camp -- camafloge men coming out of the block
in ukraine and the protestors that you covered in kiev? >> i think there's a lot of smoke. no one is talking secession right now. they are calling for a referendum on may 25, the same day kiev wants to hold the presidential election on broadening their autonomy here. i asked crimeans what that means. they have their own parliament and prime minister. they would like more of the tax revenues to stay here and not go to kiev, have more control over their own destiny. they dismissed everybody appointed by kiev and appoint their own people, the new mayor is actually a russian citizen. the new leader here is actually russian, as well. i think we're going to see a lot more russian influence here. they're going to resist any direction from kiev. >> jennifer glasse, thank you very much. viktor yanukovych also calling those protestors who overthrew him fascists, denying allegations that he was the one who ordered police to shoot at them. nick, what has been the reaction from people still gathered in independence square? >> del, if you walk through that square and talk to people, they are not talking a
. >> the crisis in ukraine, two developments this morning: first, secretary of state john kerry is in kiev as tensions between ukraine and russia escalate. second, in the last few hours, russian presidents putin went before t cameras to address the situation. abc7 news reporter is in washington with the latest. >>> good morning, world powers are warning president putin to withdraw before the situation explodes. so far, he has not budged. >> russian president putin is not back down. today he called the new government illegitimate say it took power as a result of a coup and has ordered some troops on the border to return home tensions are high. >> with the russian air force in the skies and russian boots on the ground and the russian navy patrolling the ports putin controls the crimea region a huge escalation raising tensions around the globe. russia says the troops are protecting shall be citizens from the unrest sparked by protests that led to the out of thing of the president. >> the country is plunged into chaos. all military exercises are put on hold by the pentagon. president obama is
and ukraine as tensions their reach a boiling point. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to kiev on tuesday to discuss the situation. for more of the american response to the crisis in ukraine here's our keys on a stasi a church. we all know that the united states prides itself in being the beacon of democracy and freedom when it comes to brush away the stuff surrounding the events unraveling in ukraine accusations have been flying high from washington. but if we look in countless back past and present while the us demands that its finger pointing is taken seriously by the rest of the world. how does that mean let's listen to what others had to say on its actions. many will be so tiny and that has been there for years. he was in the meantime has more than seven hundred military bases around the world and in the notorious world leader of getting involved in wars that are opposed to not just at home but also brought the rain when panini and becomes short. you just don't invade another country on the phone the pretext of the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three had never happe
but a provocation. russia intends to draw ukraine into military conflict. kiev this cabinet in is more than a power struggle with moscow. they have taken a pro-russian stance. the new prime minister of the autonomous region has taken command of security forces to move forward with a referendum on crimea's future. >> i ask russian president vladimir putin to offer help in providing peace and order in the territory of the autonomous republic of crimea. >> that sounds like an invitation to russian troops. europeans and americans are concerned about this development. u.s. president barack obama sent a clear warning. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity will be deeply destabilizing. the united states will stand with the international immunity in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in the ukraine. >> obama is considering a boycott of the g8 summit in sochi. it is unlikely that such gestures will discourage the russian government from its course in the crimean government. all signs point to confrontation. the ukrainian government has placed the troo
this day will end but there are people here in kiev and ukraine praying that the day does not end in bloodshed. there has been too much bloodshed already. the spot i am here in independence square, people died a little more than a week and a half ago. it is a memorial to those who died. we'll show you around a little bit. there are barricades and sandbags. people bring flowers and light candles, paying homage to those who died for change. the crisis caught many by surprise, many in the government. a new government, a shaky government at best. an interim president, a new prime minister, all of them are hoping some sort of diplomatic effort can solve the crisis in ukraine. they are looking to the west and the u.s. for help on the diplomatic front. but they are calling up military reserves. a lot has occurred over the last 12 and 24 hours and a lot happened over the weekend to get you up to speed on. here's a look at the last 72 hours. >> is it a fact that russia has surrounded or taken over practically all military facilities in crimea. is it a fact that russian jets entered -- >> u
kerry on the ground in kiev in ukraine. let me bring in peter alexander and mark murray is standing by. peter, are you there? >> reporter: i am. >> this is the first remarks following vladimir putin's comments this morning. the president saying there is still an opportunity to stabilize the situation but as our own andrea mitchell noted in her question to secretary of state john kerry, putin is not even prepared to admit that russian troops are in crimea despite the video and overwhelming proof that that is the case. >> reporter: we heard back to back messages from american leaders for secretary of state john kerry and then president obama himself. i think you could say that secretary of state kerry basically gave a point by point rebuttal of exactly what we heard earlier today from vladimir putin. there had been basically radio silence from administration officials over the course of this day since putin himself spoke. this is probably why. the white house administration was waiting for the message to be delivered clearly on the ukrainian soil by john kerry. he accused the russian gov
on someone's site supporting kiev ukraine. i'm pro russian groups. having classes as well as a protest here in the crimean capital city is running very high amongst those groups of crimea has been majority population of ethnic russians but also about a quarter of the population of the ukrainian and about twelve percent of ethnic talks up to their list of potential that for an exclusive mix of when. when these questions of bush also what the status of crimea will be up within ukraine and moves such as the interim president said russia not to also releasing its full sizzle pro russian forces whatever's happened today. it does not seem to seam to the us the government in kiev but the russians all the pro russian forces are abiding by those agreements. making the situation ever more sense to him and today that tom watson in the coaching from crimea. on the economists in the property of crimea is on the most intense that the docs seattle kitties and the rest of the crimean penny silat is the only ukrainian beach and then actually collections are in the majority. according to two thousand and one
. is there movement of citizens from other parts of ukraine into kiev, the western part of the country that will probably be the last place to fall if russians actually do invade? >> reporter: you know, i don't have direct evidence of that. it would not surprise me, certainly. we speak about these russian-speaking parts of ukraine, eastern ukraine and also crimea. there are other groups as well in crimea. some 60% are russian-speaking ethnic russians but 40% of people from other background who are muslims and others as well. so it is not a monolithic block. the borders are pretty set in terms of where russian-speaking occurs but it's much more diverse and difficult to kind of pinpoint where russian-speaking areas begin in eastern ukraine and certainly there's a lot of people who are in favor of the government in kiev of who are now being quiet because there are russian troops on the ground in their communities. >> anderson, before i let you go, what can you tell us about the latest in the standoff between russian and ukrainian forces? >> reporter: certainly it is a very tense situation
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